Quabbin, Western MA, 2016

I can work with clients at any stage of their software development process. I can help in determining constraints, selecting the best existing technologies within those constraints and help integrate them into a cohesive whole. The result is a rapid implementation of a project.

Developing Requirements

Work with Product Owner to develop requirements that can be translated into software designs.

Architecture Design

Work with Software Architect to translate requirements into implementable application designs using the best available technologies in Java, .NET and other web-based technologies.

Software Development

Develop high-quality software efficiently and effectively by applying the appropriate design patterns and utilizing the best practices in the industry.


Even with the recognition in the software industry of the importance of internationalization and advances have been made in many software toolkits to ease the pain of developing global software, it is still an adventure fraught with peril. Daniel brings the knowledge and expertise of many years of experience in helping the client chart the waters of internationalizing their software.

508 Compliance