Daniel Dee

Brand Point, Nantucket, 2009

I am a Senior Software Development Manager for GDIT working with a small team that develops PopMedNet, a web application that facilitates distributed analysis of electronic health data, and related projects for Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute. With over 20 years experience in the software industry, I combine a broad understanding of the principles and interrelationship of various software components with an in-depth knowledge of specific key technologies to help many businesses bring about the successful completion of their projects.

I am a general partner at Avacoda, LLC, a software consulting company. Previously, I was the Director of Software Development for Lincoln Peak Partners.

My recent focus has been in the application of Agile methodology towards improving the performance of both the development and QA teams in order to deliver high-quality applications on time at a reasonable cost.

My background encompasses both *nix and Windows OSes and has worked in both Java and .NET frameworks. I have participated in work on software internationalization and 508 compliance.